• I'm the cruelest... NYE countdown

    Happy New Year Idiots

  • Classic Financial Domination

    I'm the best $$$

  • Holiday Ass Worship

    Happy Holidays butt slut

  • Are you a foot wallet?

    Foot Wallets are one of my favorite slaves! You idiots are typically low maintenance and love to spend money on my favorite things.... shoes, socks and pedicures! It's like we were meant for each other. It was destiny! I love to boss around, humiliate, control and laugh at losers like you. You love bowing down, being my subservient, humiliated little foot wallet. All of you foot wallets should really thank my slave Dylan for paying for this clip. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't of even made this awesome foot abuse clip for all of you to pay for. I'm extra proud of how this clip performed as far as my true feeling about my slaves and foot boys in particular. So here you go Dylan and the rest of you addicted foot wallets, enjoy worshiping my feet!

  • You like my biceps?

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