• See through Yoga pants

    My weapon of choice to take your paycheck this month losers!

  • Dirty Feet humiliation

    Hey losers... one of my pets was so kind to shell out the big bucks for a dose of my foot humiliation. Now all my foot minions can enjoy my cruel words and dirty bare feet as I play with your mind and count you down until you are nothing but a drained foot loser with a limp boner and destroyed ego. Enjoy Dylan!

  • Giantess in Jeans

  • The closest you will ever get to my feet

    Hey foot bitch, it's time to get super close to my dirty and stinky bare feet. Don't you wish you could smell them? Taste them? Clean them? I love teasing and laughing at you. Mind fucking with with my feet is so entertaining. The power I have over you is addicting.... and I truly enjoy controlling you with my feet.

  • Power... I have it all!

    I have the best ass in the world- worship it